How well do you know Nebraska?

How well do you know Nebraska? This is a great quiz for people who claim to know the ins and outs of the Cornhusker state. There truly is no place like it's time to see how well you know it.

How well do you know the Cornhusker State? Can you sound like a native? Do you know what a Runza is? There is no place like Nebraska, it's time to figure out how well you kno it.

Created by: El Guero
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  1. How many nuclear plants does Nebraska have?
  2. How flat is Nebraska?
  3. The University of Nebraska has campuses in:
  4. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's mascot was originally named the:
  5. Runzas are:
  6. The Kearney Arch is:
  7. A Nebraskan invented:
  8. Carhenge is located in
  9. The next 5 questions have to do with pronunciation...Beatrice is pronounced:
  10. Norfolk is pronounced:
  11. Kearney is pronounced
  12. Osceola is pronounced:
  13. Schyler is pronounced
  14. Professional sports will never work in Nebraska because...
  15. The Old Market is a set of shops in:
  16. The Conestoga Mall is located in:
  17. The Golden Sower is located in
  18. ____________ State College is located in:
  19. Omaha is the home of:
  20. World famous author Willa Cather originated from:
  21. Which is NOT a feature in Nebraska's Geography
  22. Which President was born in Omaha?
  23. Nebraska's State Tree is the:
  24. State Bird?
  25. What is the current mascot?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nebraska?