Do you know McCook

In Southwest Nebraska there exists a small town that keeps the workforce of Lincoln and Omaha nice and fresh, and the golf course lush. Think you know this portion of BFE? Take my quiz, score real high, move north.

There are McCookies, and then there are RV'ers. Prove you do not live in a ditch and score at least a 70. From RV, how did you get a computer anyway? Does the warden know?

Created by: three11nut
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  1. McCook Senior High School is known as the Fighting _______
  2. To properly execute a "B" what must you do?
  3. Were is Norris Avenue
  4. Were is Boxelder
  5. Which Nebraska Senator born in McCook helped bring electricity to rural Tennessee.
  6. Is alcohol allowed at Red Willow Resevoir?
  7. What sport did Judge Wendell Cheyney cheer for, that no one else seemed to?
  8. Which is not a school?
  9. Does Sehnerts serve good Runzas?
  10. Based on the spelling, did a MHS graduate compile this quiz?
  11. Howw abbouot noww?
  12. Is the Junior High truly a "Junior High"
  13. Do the MCC Indians have a football field.
  14. Who will play on that field next year.
  15. Which is not a McCook Park
  16. What is the Heritage of "Heritage Days"
  17. The local paper is called the______
  18. The bridge going over the railroad to the wrong side of the tracks is called the_______
  19. Which side IS the wrong side and why?

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