Is your homeworld is Earth?

There are a lot of people, but someone is not in their home. They born in world that they aren't deserved. There to types of people who does'nt deserve to live here: the people for whose this worl is too good and another kind it is to bad.

Are you ready to know the truth about yourself. Most of people are deserved to live Earthly life, but for others it is'nt theirs. So take this quiz and get the knowledge about yourself.

Created by: Davies
  1. What activity is thetmost attractive for you?
  2. What you're feeling the most of time?
  3. Do you list up things to for mens and for womans?
  4. Which kind of movies you prefer to watch?
  5. What kind of music do you listen to?
  6. Can you stand violence?
  7. You shower for:
  8. Your boyfriend or girlfriend needs to:
  9. Meaning of life:
  10. What you feel then you are blamed?
  11. Good woman/man:
  12. The atmosphere you prefer to live:
  13. When you are threated:
  14. The person that you love:
  15. which season you love the most:
  16. When someone tells what to do:
  17. You see world as:
  18. What was your favorite subject at school.
  19. Do you often feel empty and sad?
  20. You need money to:
  21. Do you hate to face problems?
  22. You are:
  23. Angry people needs:
  24. It's irritating when someone tells what love could be by one side!
  25. Everyone needs to be:
  26. Everyone must respect you according to sufferings you had.

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Quiz topic: Is my homeworld is Earth?