Bible Quizzes Volume 1

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I bring you a series of Bible Quizzes to share with you some of the most beautiful messages and lessons in the Holy Book. It is not about how many correct answers you come up with. It is more about getting you to reflect on the message of peace and love that Jesus gave us. Biblical era were difficult times, and now we live in a tumultuous period. But the message is the same. We must not despair. All problems can be solved through dialogue, prayers, and peaceful methods. Those who are persecuted and aggrieved have a right to protest, but more can be achieved through peaceful demonstration than through revenge and violence. Silence can sometimes speak louder than 100 decibels.

We are all children of God, and must learn the virtues of tolerance and forgiveness. The greatest king who ever reigned conquered the world without raising a sword, or commanding an army. His mission on earth was to protect the poor and those who have been unfairly treated, and jailed.

Created by: Joe

  1. Where was Jesus born?
  2. Where was the childhood home of Jesus?
  3. How old was Jesus when he began His ministry?
  4. What language did Jesus speak at home?
  5. What religion did Jesus practice?
  6. How old was Jesus when he died?
  7. Who was the first follower to see Jesus after the resurrection?
  8. Who asked for the head of John the Baptist?
  9. Who did Jesus raise from the dead?
  10. What was the nationality of Pontius Pilate?

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