The Funniest Quiz! (The Laugh All You Can Quiz!)

I'm sure you have all heard that, Laughter Is The Best Medicine? And its true, a laugh should reduce your tension and stress. I can't garantee that this quiz will make you laugh, atleast I hope it will make you smile, thats the least I can do

This quiz consists of a few random jokes which I intended to make you laugh or atleast smile. I'm not known to have a good sense of humour, so good luck to me. I hope you like the quiz, and I hope you atleast smile, thats the least I can do

Created by: Kish
  1. So, all you have to do is read the jokes and click on "lol" if you liked it and "lame" if you didn't. I hope I can make you laugh, or atleast make you smile ;)
  2. 2 girls and a boy are captured and placed before a firing squad. They are about to be shot, and in desperation one of the girls points to her left and shouts, "Hurricane!". She gets away. Seeing the girl's trick, the other girl points to the right and shouts, "Tonardo!". She gets away. The boy, understanding what the 2 girls did, tries to do the same thing and shouts, "Fire!"
  3. A young woman, in her mid twenties walked into a shop and saw a tv she wanted to buy. She told the assisstant and the assisstant replied, "sorry, I can't sell you that tv". "Why not?" asked the woman. And the assisstant replies, "Because you are stupid". And the woman replies, "what makes you say that?". And the assisstant replies, "because that is not a tv, its a microwave"
  4. Joey and Katie are sitting in school. Katie is sleeping and the teacher asks her a question, "Katie, who created Heaven and Earth?". Joey sees Katie sleeping and quickly pokes her with a sharp pencil. "Good God!" exclaimed Katie as she woke up from the sharp pain. "Correct" said the teacher. So the next day, the same thing happens, Katie is asleep, she is asked the same question and she wakes up and shouts "Good God!" from the pain. "Correct" said the teacher. So the next day, when Katie is sleeping, the teacher asks, "Katie, what did Eve say to Adam when she had so many children?". And Katie waking up from the sharp pain of the pencil says, "If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'm going to crack it in half!"
  5. A man had a terrible infection on his left leg so he went to the doctor to have it chopped off. After the operation, when he was conscious again, he saw the doctor looking very worried. "Whats the matter?" he asked. And the doctor replies, "Sir, I have good news and bad news, which one do you want first?". The man says, "Give me the bad news first" and the doctor replies, "I chopped off the wrong leg". "Good Lord!" shouted the man, "Well, whats the good news?". And the doctor replies with a smile, "Your other leg is getting better!"
  6. 3 best friends are stranded on an island. They come across a genie's lamp which grants them each a wish. "Very well" says the first man, "I wish I was a billionare living in a mansion!". Poof, he disappeared. Wide eyed, the second man says, "I wish I was home with my wife and kids". He disappeared as well. After a few minutes, the third man says, "I'm lonely, I wish my best friends were here with me". And they were stranded on the island once again...
  7. A brother and sister are walking in a hot desert, starving, tired and close to death. Then they see a shop. They walk inside. The sister uses all her money to buy food and water. The brother, however, buys a car door. "What will you do with a car door?" asked the sister, and the brother replies, "So that I can roll down the window for fresh air when it gets too hot"
  8. A boy was sitting in class doing math problems when the teacher asked him, "If you had 5 birds on a fence and you shoot 1 how many are left?". The boy replies, "None, because they would all fly away". "The answer is 4" said the teacher, "but I like your way of thinking." "May I ask you a question?" asked the boy. "Yes" said the teacher. The boy says, "If there were 3 women eating ice cream, 1 is licking the cone, 1 is biting the cone and 1 is sucking the cone, which woman is married?". "Well" said the teacher nervously, "The one who is sucking the cone?" "No" said the boy, "The woman with a wedding ring, but I like your way of thinking"
  9. A boy tells his friend, "you know the easiest way to get what you want?" the friend replies, "what?" and the boy says, "tell them that you know their secret". So the friend goes home, runs to his dad and says, "I know your secret!" "Please" said the dad, "don't tell your mom!" The dad gives him $10. The friend runs to his mom and says, "I know your secret!" and the mom replies, "Don't tell your dad" and gives him $15. Then the friend decides to try it on the mail man and says, "I know your secret!". The mail man replies with a smile, "come, give your dad a hug"
  10. After asking a dozen of his friends what 'idk' meant, a boy asks a friend, "What does 'idk' mean?". The friend replies, "I Don't Know". The boy says, "Damn it, Nobody knows!"
  11. A girl calls her best friend over to have some tea. While they are having tea, the phone rings. The girl picks up the phone and a few minutes later, she begins to cry. "Whats wrong?" asked her friend. The girl replies, "Because my mom called, and she said my dad died". "I'm so sorry" said the friend. The girl cried for a little while longer then she stopped. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. She picks it up and starts crying again. "Whats wrong?" asked the friend. The girl replies, "My brother just phoned, and he said that his dad died"
  12. Well, thats it, I hope I made you smile, even just alittle, remember laughter is the best medicine, so keep smiling and enjoy life...

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