zombie survival

take it come on you know u want to yeah that is write yeah come on its okay laugh laugh laugh come on its fun chill out man have some fun! yup this is awesome dudes try guys

this is bout' zombies beep bop beep bloop bloop bloop bloop sleep deep yo peoples yup nobody has won yet yawn!!!! yup play its really cool and i have not got another quiz sorry people

Created by: spencer
  1. do you have any training in firearms?
  2. what is your I.Q.???
  3. do you have a high quality education?
  4. if a zombie outbreak well got out would you have a plan?
  5. if you could pick some gear what would you have?
  6. you are alone with your girlfriend... but you notice a bite on her knee, what do you do.
  7. if you could pick one terrain what would it be
  8. did you like the quiz
  9. do you like zombies
  10. last question r u gay???

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