How Happy Are You Right Now?

Happiness... Isn't that each and every one of us main goal, to be happy? But unfortunately, some of us can't get that goal, well, not yet that is. How happy are you? Is life being fair to you? Take this quiz to find out

100% accuracy is NOT garanteed, infact its purely impossible. I tried my best to make this quiz accurate, I just hope you like it. Anyway, take the quiz now

Created by: Kish

  1. How much do you laugh in a day?
  2. How often do you cry?
  3. Do you have a positive attitude towards your life?
  4. Do you keep complaining for what you don't have?
  5. Do you do things which make you happy?
  6. Do you forgive easily?
  7. Do you smile even in the face of crisis?
  8. Do you sleep 7-8 hours every night?
  9. Are you satisfied with your education?
  10. Which answer best describes your mood right now?

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Quiz topic: How Happy am I Right Now?