How well do you know Happy?(Fairy Tail)

Happy. Yes. The awesome flying cat from Fairy Tail. There is a quiz about him, and only him. Why? Because he's AWESOME! Yay! You are about to experience the first(I think) quiz on the internet about him!

Happy, the incredible cat, has his own quiz! Do you have the skills to be a Happy genius? Take this quiz to find out! Happy is awesome! Happy is awesome!

Created by: Adie

  1. Happy isn't a cat. What is he?
  2. Natsu has had Happy for how many years (in the second volume)?
  3. Happy wants to see Lucy's
  4. Happy's magic is called:
  5. Easiest q on the quiz: What color is Happy?
  6. Happy's favorite food is:
  7. When Happy transforms into Lucy (Mira-Sensei's Transformation Class), What does he look like?
  8. You'll never see Happy without this around his neck:
  9. In volume four, Happy gives Lucy which crlestial spirit key?
  10. Happy has his own series of short stories. What are they called?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Happy?(Fairy Tail)