Fairy Tail Fans

Theis quiz are for anyone to try out.It isn't very hard but it has some question that are for people who are true fans of Fairy Tail.Now do you think you will try?

Are you a fan of Fairy Tail?If you are then join the club!I am a fan of Fairy Tail too and I hope that I can make other people be inspired too because I just absoloutly love Fairy Tail!!!

Created by: uniapee
  1. Who is the main character?
  2. What colour is Natsu's hair?
  3. What animal is Happy?
  4. What colour is Happy?
  5. What is Gray's magic?
  6. What was Erza when she was young?
  7. Name 3 wizard saints:
  8. What is Erza's last name?
  9. Name 3 wizards from the Fairy Tail guild:
  10. Name the 3 people in The Shadow Gear team:
  11. What is Natsu's last name?

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