What fairy are you?!

There are many types of fairies.... And you might never ever get to see one but... Now you can see yourself as a fairy!!!! Rated 4+ Hope you enjoyed!!!

What fairy are you?! You'll find out now!!!!!! Are you a light fairy, a water fairy,a tinker fairy, a animal fairy, a garden fairy!? Rated 4+ I hope you enjoyed!!x3

Created by: Taylor
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok so I know everyone hates this question... But I love you to :D WHAT'S YOUR FAVE COLOR?!
  2. Okay so Horoscope sign?!
  3. Everyday hairdo/fav hairdo?
  4. Hate to ask but.. Skin?! X(
  5. Kk now it's raining hail outside! What do you do?!(btw always imagin in this quiz that your a fairy)
  6. Now, your getting ready to go to the mainland.. You pack?...
  7. Okay! Rp time!!
  8. Okai so your friend rosie (playing as me)(btw not my real name rofl) starts running toward something and screams, you turn around, look back and she's not there anymore. You just hear a hawk flyby, you?
  9. So you managed to find Rosie again,she tells you a family story about her being related to a evil fairy, you?
  10. She describes why she ran " I saw a moth..0.0"
  11. Now your home and terribly bored, you turn on the tv and see rosie's relative being beatin up, you?
  12. Ok so you tell rosie but she's veryvery mad at you,and won't believe you. You?
  13. Ok guys I'm getting sleepy!! :3 I'll make a part two soon okay? Love yous byee!!

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Quiz topic: What fairy am I?!