How Charming is your Personality?

Our personalities all differ, making us all unique and special. However, a few people have Charming Personalities, a personality loved by almost everyone! Want to know if your personality is loved by most people you know? Well, then take this short test, and find out for sure, how charming your personality really is!

This short test will determine where you stand in terms of charming personalities! Is your personality really charming, or not so charming? Find out in this test, and be sure to keep an open mind when answering the questions, honesty is the key to accuracy!

Created by: Kish

  1. Do you gossip alot?
  2. Do you show genuine interest when someone is narating something to you?
  3. Do you tend to mix up with people from all aspects of life?
  4. Do you give complements to others?
  5. Do you lack self-confidence?
  6. Can you light up very boring conversations with people?
  7. Do you always try to keep smiling?
  8. Do you make friends easily?
  9. Do friends tell you many times that they are bored?
  10. Are you usually the centre of attention?

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Quiz topic: How Charming is my Personality?