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  • dragon your great this quiz is awsome

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 10:33AM
  • are you guys phones

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 10:32AM
  • clegg your not correct yah gooey

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 10:31AM
  • mmmmhhhhhh your so stupid)

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 10:30AM
  • oooooooooohhhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea your mom she is so corny you can see your mom is a hoe your mom is a hoe your mooom isss a hoeeeeeeee buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 10:29AM
  • jaquee its a robot
    not the phone dum dum

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 9:07AM
  • o my god im a alien ye uhh do the allien dance uh uh uh im doing the alien dance

    ackmicbaklavar Mar 25 '19, 9:06AM
  • Hello I´m Jacquie I´m an Android!

    Jacquie Dec 5 '18, 3:11PM
  • lmao im an alien

    A Pigeon Oct 30 '18, 12:10PM
  • I got a robot. THIS IS SO STUPID

    Mmmmh Oct 28 '18, 9:45PM
  • this test is so stupid it is not completely correct

    clegg22 May 30 '18, 11:19PM
  • in a robotic voice:robot?....tha t is highly incorrect. i am an android!!!!

    thatrobotchic Jun 10 '16, 4:52PM
  • A robot? Really

    From what angle!

    oni nema Mar 31 '16, 7:57AM
  • loser

    realdarkandroid May 22 '15, 12:52PM
  • im actually an android not robot!

    realdarkandroid May 22 '15, 12:49PM
  • So i'm a robot, who cares?! I know i'm human.

    chica1538 Dec 1 '14, 7:36AM
  • I got robot.
    I don't mind as long as I'm like Bender or wall-e. (Just noticed they couldn't be anymore different.

    the1person Jun 10 '14, 4:17AM
  • Im Human , what else would I be? I cut I bleed and fall but get right back up therefore im Human duh!

    shorthairgirl May 12 '14, 1:26AM
  • robot

    The best tomboy May 6 '14, 8:53PM
  • i took this quiz befor,i remmember that..
    i guess i got alien..
    i loved this quiz!my sister was near me when i took it and she took it twice!lol!

    dragon Dec 13 '11, 11:10AM
  • i am the second alien
    cool im E.T.

    skatterbrain Oct 9 '11, 5:21AM
  • I am robot! :D

    adnin617 Sep 26 '11, 2:40AM

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