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  • 13% yay! I don't want to get married.

    Vampirina Jun 15 '18, 12:03PM
  • i can't believe i have an account here. i feel so honored to be here, amongst all of you. including angelfish_xD, JohnCena1, and my favorite of all: MaBoiDonaldTrump

    a nyway, i got 63%. i really love hoho's so i hohope the person who likes me buys me a new box because i just ate the last one by myself... in 2 days..........

    hoho_lover94 May 5 '18, 10:31PM
  • Yes! 4% someone has a crush on me! I hope nobody ever does. I don't want someone to like me.

    Dovewing1 Jan 13 '18, 5:55PM
  • 17% 💔

    BonJovi17 Jan 13 '18, 1:13PM
  • My only crush is Eleven from Stranger Things.

    Luv myself Nov 5 '17, 12:41AM
  • Sheeet

    MaBoiDonaldTrump Mar 8 '16, 10:28AM
  • Hax

    MaBoiDonaldTrump Mar 8 '16, 10:27AM
  • 63% ehh not too bad

    deez123 Mar 7 '16, 3:50PM
  • 50%.....better than nothing i guess but i really like this person, the problem is i told them i liked them and they act no different

    GiftOfLove Oct 9 '15, 1:43AM
  • yeah a I dont have a crush (well I do have 2 but they are fictional characters) but I have suspicions on a girl and I must eradicate her from existence

    NIghtwing21 May 1 '15, 11:30PM
  • 0.............f***

    jr fan Aug 15 '14, 4:08AM
  • Guys 59 Girls Has A Crush On Me Please Help ME Pick One!!

    KevinTHeHandsome Jun 26 '14, 9:42PM
  • a lot of people hang around me mainly dudes so I guess that is good. :)

    tidal May 3 '14, 2:42PM
  • 100%
    Who could like me?
    Oh wait....That creepy guy....

    IceBabe Jan 5 '12, 8:22PM
  • 21% no that accurate
    i dont know anybody

    skatterbrain Oct 8 '11, 4:20AM

    mamadontplay Aug 15 '11, 10:59PM
  • ummm....its me mamadontplay..and.. i posted a comment below that says 'twizzle' is quote full of it...but at the end it says all this random stuff that i diddnt type....should i be conserned?!(twizzle typed the one that titles ONCE YOU START READING YOU CANT STOP or something like that... :°0....

    mamadontplay Aug 15 '11, 10:56PM
  • Hey 'Twizzle',...your full of it...>:�

    mamadontplay Aug 15 '11, 10:48PM
  • 90% good quiz kish XD

    manders Aug 12 '11, 8:31PM
  • 1

    thevoicesinurhed Aug 10 '11, 10:19AM
  • Some people posted they got yes. There is no yes or no, lol. D:

    Awesome quiz! I got a pretty high score; mainly because I wanted to see if you were right, and yes you are! Several people have crushes on me; 2 exes (both told me) but I only like one of them, and a whole load of other dudes. And of course my boyfriend; but I didn't consider him. xD

    Skydragon Aug 7 '11, 10:33PM
  • There is a 100% chance that someone has a crush on you

    According to this quiz, you have a very high chance that someone has a crush on you! Look for these signs in the people you "suspect" have a crush on you: He/she may stare at you. He/she smiles and laughs alot when you are around. He/she has an increased interest in your hobbies and interests. He/she's behaviour changes when you are around. He/she spends more time with you than they used to. I hope these points help. Good Luck!

    JohnCena1 Aug 7 '11, 11:20AM

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