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  • "Umm idk you why are you kissing me that’s kinda weird girl"
  • i feel bad
    "A.) love your profile pic. B.) if he loves you he’ll have no problem helping you. C.) if he doesn’t love you then at least you know sooner t"
  • What if?
    "Then I would feel really bad eating my fave foods. What if you were judged for watching Disney shows just because"
  • What if?
    "That would be crazy bc I would mess up everything in the past or the future. What if the only drink left on the earth was sprit"
  • "No but like I literally have a bf and like now I gotta tell him… like girl we friends but like not like THAT. (Lolz not fr I do have a bf bu"
  • Rizz the user above you
    "Are you Niahl Horan? Because I’d drive highways and byways to be there with you over and over the only truth everything comes back to you...."
  • What if?
    "♫Under da sea, under the sea, everything’s better take it from me♫ What if you realized you loved someone but it was too late t"
  • "“The driver wasn’t very chatty so I checked my phone. ‘Hey, It’s your Uber driver, I’m outside’”"
  • "My therapist said I blink rapidly during our sessions. I guess she didn’t know Morse code”"
  • "Oh s---"
  • Bullying
    "@BiscuitBear37 I’m sorry. I was also struggling with math early this year and I don’t know what else to say other than it does get better. I"
  • "Give me ur 2 sentence horror stories bc I feel like being scared and bc my bf is being mean."
  • "Give me ur 2 sentence horror stories bc I feel like being scared and bc my bf is being mean."
  • What if?
    "I would be very confused because she lives in NY What if you woke up one day and u found out that everyone else was robo"
  • Bullying
    "@BiscuitBear37 Tysm. He and I haven’t talked about it at the moment and I think I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow about it so yeah!"

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