What Type Of a Friend Are You?

Friends play an important role in our daily lives, and we all have the potential to be a friend no matter how we are! With this quiz, find out what type of friend you are!

I hope you enjoy the quiz, and I hope this quiz helps you to see how important you are to the world, no matter who you are! So, take the quiz, and find out what type of friend you are!

Created by: Kish
  1. Do you think most of your friends are from school, varsity, etc?
  2. Do you remember a lot of things you did with your friends in school?
  3. Do you know your friends likes and dislikes?
  4. How often do you share your personal problems with your friends?
  5. Do you share the same interests as your friends? (eg, like the same music, watch the same television programs, etc?)
  6. If you are slowly losing contact with some of your friends, what would you do?
  7. Do you have more online friends (friends you have never met in real life) or offline friends?
  8. Do you have friends on social sites (facebook, twitter, gotoquiz, etc) who are closer to you than your friends in real life?
  9. Do you have any "close friends?"
  10. How often do you hang out with your friend?
  11. Do you have any friends you have known since childhood?
  12. Do you have a best friend?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of a Friend am I?