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  • Your Result: Green dragon

    Green dragons are belligerent creatures and master of intrigue and backbiting. It is cruel. It prefers to live forests, the older and bigger the trees, the better. It may make its lair behind a waterfall or near a lake, pond or stream that provides a submerged entrance. The green dragon's head is covered in hornlets. It has a long neck and long legs. The green dragon lives on a diet of shrubs and small trees. Green dragons breathe poisonous gas, that is, a toxic chlorine gas

  • Green dragon,cool my favorite color! I also am very adventurous. I like to explore the wilderness and I also can be quite manipulative sense I am very much of a loner. Cool quiz mate.

  • White Dragon.

    I loved this quiz! I've taken some of your other quizzes, and you're pretty good :) Keep making more!

  • Blue dragon...LIGHTNING BOLTS!!!, yeah baby

  • white dragon like snow,,
    yeah oh wait can they live in cold?


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