Are You Being Watched? And By What...?

Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched? That someone or something is there watching you but its not there where you thought there was... Oh never mind just take the quiz and I hope you like it mates

Oh here we go again I don't even think anyone reads this mates but anyway I shall just waste space by blabering about things you didn't know I was blabering about until you realise you wasted your time reading this cheers mate hope you liked the quiz

Created by: Kish
  1. Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched?
  2. Do you THINK you are being watched?
  3. Have you ever seen stars at night moving?
  4. Have you ever looked at the time and feel like an hour went by when its been only a few minutes?
  5. Have you ever seen movement in the corner of your eyes but there is no one there?
  6. Has your pet ever behaved strangely?
  7. Have you ever seen anyone carrying a proper weapon? (Like a gun or sword not knives and toothpicks)
  8. Have you ever killed someone?
  9. Do find someone staring at you in school or work?
  10. Do you find yourself staring at someone and you didn't even know it?

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Quiz topic: Am I Being Watched? And By What...?