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  • 83% dammit i was aiming for 100%

    Portal everblood Nov 7 '14, 11:34PM
  • 17% evil

    Marissa200 Aug 16 '13, 2:38PM
  • 0% evil! That's so me, nice quiz again!

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 26 '12, 5:17PM
  • 8%okay

    skatterbrain Oct 2 '11, 2:56AM
  • 0%!!!! >:D Yay, great quiz, again and forever, Kish!! :DD

    RemysFault Jun 29 '11, 4:48PM
  • You are 0% evil!

    Hmmm, very interesting character you are! You have very little, if any, evil in you! You seem to be a trustworthy friend! You help people when you can! You are highly unlikely to commit a grave sin! Keep it up!

    iKnew iWas Good Already :-)....
    iLike Not Beimg Evil iGet More That Way....


    oxSierraxo May 10 '11, 7:18PM
  • 83% yes i new i was evil

    kelbylover Mar 18 '11, 9:05AM
  • No quiz is perfect...

    Kish Mar 16 '11, 4:33PM
  • my sister did this quiz, she got a 8% they are WAY off

    rlp6783 Mar 16 '11, 11:29AM
  • Very accurate quiz! That description fit me well. Great job!

    Puppydog Mar 14 '11, 4:57AM
  • What the...? Whats with him???

    Kish Mar 13 '11, 7:23PM
  • 58% evil. I am Kludd. I am a little over half evil, considering i was 100% evil once. And don't say that i'm not Kludd, because i can prove it to you and i will report your account.

    Purest Kludd Mar 13 '11, 6:26PM
  • 8% though I was gonna get 23% or something

    Amberpelt Mar 6 '11, 5:26PM
  • 42% Evil

    MZF Mar 5 '11, 9:14PM
  • 8% evil. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm feel eviler than that

    rlp6783 Mar 5 '11, 5:15PM
  • 33% lamo

    isabel611 Mar 4 '11, 3:38PM
  • I Might Get Pushed Aroud In School But I Almost Loes My Temper And Go Berzerke

    Spear Master Mar 3 '11, 7:01PM
  • Thanks every1, and 4 those of u who dont get a satisfyng(soz i dont know the result, soz but hey nuthing is perfect! Thanks 4 taking the quiz, every1!!!!!!!!!

    Kish Feb 27 '11, 11:32PM
  • 33%, way off...

    Dark_Vampire101 Feb 27 '11, 8:36AM
  • "17% evil!
    Yes, your evil isn't that much! You love to help people when you can, and always seem to be trying to correct someone who did wrong! However, you are unpredictable because of your sudden change of decisions! You are a good friend, but not to be messed around with when in a bad mood! Keep it going!"

    wow,that quiz is broken!

    Angel0135 Feb 26 '11, 3:52PM
  • u got me spot on! 10 stars!

    Ricky35 Feb 26 '11, 2:35AM
  • 50% evil ok

    dog girl Feb 25 '11, 8:54PM

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