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    Black shows that you are above average worldly, conventional proper, polite and regal. Black is a color that means one thing (depression) to clinical psychiatrist and quite another (dignity) to you.

    Really? Not again...

    LoserLoner Feb 12 '17, 1:05AM
  • i got purple my 2nd fav color 100%

    clahclah May 4 '16, 1:44AM
  • This is so accurate! I got 93% red one of my two favorite colors and following up was black my second favorite color!

    DracoMalfoyFan Jan 29 '16, 4:41AM
  • I got 100% green! My fav colour, amazing quiz! It is so acurate, PLEASE MAKE MORE!

    guinealover7 Nov 30 '15, 3:38AM
  • I got Blue 100%...
    Its true.

    Nicolette Nov 28 '15, 2:04PM
  • I got Blue 100%. True.

    Nicolette Nov 28 '15, 2:02PM
  • wow this describes me perfectly, actually. :3

    thatgirlisme Nov 10 '15, 5:57PM
  • Crap, I sent it twice...

    Fred Faz Oct 23 '15, 8:32AM
  • Red for life to me!!! 85%

    Fred Faz Oct 23 '15, 8:31AM
  • Red for life to me!!! 85%

    Fred Faz Oct 23 '15, 8:30AM
  • I got 100% on BOTH blue & purple! Wat does this mean!? :/

    ChrysalisCAT Aug 8 '15, 1:15AM
  • Red is my favorite I got green 97%

    EPIX Jul 19 '15, 9:49PM
  • Red

    EPIX Jul 19 '15, 9:48PM
  • Purple is my fav color. So true what they say.

    cherrish Jun 12 '15, 5:56PM
  • I got 100% black cx. i am totally goth, like no joke. 13 and wears dark eyeliner, wears chock collars, cuts (used to), depressed disorder, hates socializing. ALWAYS wears as much black as i can... dang, im messed up xc

    GothicGirl13 Apr 26 '15, 2:13PM
  • Ok i got blue..

    KELLY BHATTA Apr 25 '15, 1:29PM
  • Blue

    waffles_lol Feb 17 '15, 8:37AM
  • black

    piepiepiemy Feb 12 '15, 10:03PM
  • 100% purplue and it is me because i have a good heart and i am a good friend to peoloe and i got 50% blue and green

    lily beth Jan 17 '15, 2:13PM
  • red!!! yes that is really my favorite color(;

    Brianna Curiel Dec 6 '14, 6:11PM
  • Mine fits me good ( black)

    Redrose49 Dec 4 '14, 4:43PM
  • i got 100% blue!! its my fav. colour!! n its perfectly describe me!!
    Blue shows that you are deliberate
    and introspective. You have
    conservative convictions and retreat
    to gentler surroundings in times of
    stress but are sensitive to the
    feelings of others. You keep a tight
    rein on your passions and
    enthusiasms, you are a loyal friend
    and lead a sober life. You nourish
    big dreams but do not act on them.
    Stupidity in others annoys you, as
    does superior intelligence.

    mahima_lovergurl Nov 26 '14, 6:32AM

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