What Is Your Real Animal Spirit? (ACCURATE!)

In some parts of the world, it is believed that each person is born with a Animal Spirit. The Animal Spirit is there to guide you your whole life. Question is, which Animal Spirit is here to guide you? Take this quiz and find out!

The Animal Spirit also reflects the person's personality. So which Animal Spirit matches your personality and was chosen to guide you all your life? Take this quiz and find out. Please comment and rate.

Created by: Kish
  1. Alright, lets get it over and done with. Pick a color you like the best out of these...
  2. For those of you who didn't like the colors in the previous question, choose a color here.
  3. What is the month in which you were born?
  4. What would I find you doing on a weekend?
  5. What would you do if a hobo asked you for some money?
  6. Do you love your family?
  7. You are in the classroom and the teacher is giving a weirdly long boring lecture. What would you do?
  8. You best friend tells you a secret and asks you to keep it to yourself. What would you do?
  9. Do you get angry easily?
  10. Mom tells you to wash the dishes. What would you do?
  11. Mom tells you to wash the dishes. What would you do?
  12. Are you a peacekeeper or an aggressor?
  13. A teacher you dislike passes you. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Real Animal Spirit? (ACCURATE!)