What is your spirit animal

You may be unsure in life right now but just turn to your spirit animal it will guide you through the many ups and many many downs and help u land on your feet.

what is YOUR inner animal if you take this quiz you will find out very soon.Your spirit animal will guide you through life's amazing and confusing journey

Created by: Aviah
  1. How would your friends describe u
  2. Which is your favorite animal
  3. What do u like to do
  4. U hear a scream what do u do
  5. U r at your best friend house what do u do
  6. Do u were glasses
  7. Your crush says hi what do u do
  8. U see a person crying what do u do
  9. Have u seen a ghost
  10. Do u like frogs
  11. Are u female or male

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Quiz topic: What is my spirit animal