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  • I'm a lion..... Well I wish wolf but whatever I'll take it but last time I checked I was a eagle I think

    Faith the wolf Jun 4 '18, 12:58AM
  • I don't want to be a bison!!!!!!!!!

    WizardKitten Apr 23 '18, 9:49AM
  • This isn't accurate at all!
    According to your animal spirit you are quite social and energetic.
    I'm not very active, and I am definitely NOT social!

    RedFoxz Feb 9 '18, 9:54AM
  • 100% Kangaroo.

    PikaKitty10 Dec 8 '16, 9:52AM
  • 100%!! What!!! That doesn't make any sense! I am out of here.

    PikaKitty10 Dec 8 '16, 9:51AM
  • The Fu- I just got 100% Kangaroo, damn!?!?

    leafpool1972 Jul 24 '16, 7:35PM
  • Bald eagle barely matches me at all. I'm a fishing cat.

    IvystarGecko Jun 3 '16, 7:04PM
  • 99% WOLF!?

    KibaWOLFRAIN May 22 '16, 4:08PM
  • I'm a peacock I don't know if it describes me though

    savySAVAGE Apr 15 '16, 3:58PM
  • Wow this is so accurate! My spirit animal is wolf, that's what I got. The description also matches my personality perfectly. Love this quiz!

    Chickadee Sep 23 '15, 10:45PM
  • I got Lion

    Evilkilla1234 Aug 21 '15, 8:02AM
  • Not bad its okay i guess

    Evilkilla1234 Aug 21 '15, 7:59AM
  • WOW! I got panther and it matches my personality so much... :3

    @----)======= ====>

    softkitten45 Oct 21 '14, 1:54AM
  • Wow! Bald eagle is really accurate!

    NeonHedgehog Jul 6 '13, 6:19PM
  • :D I LUV WOLVES! THANK YOU, QUIZ!!! if you also like wolves, take my What is your Wolf Name quiz! (no pic)

    wolfluvermh Nov 10 '12, 10:13PM
  • I got a PANTHER!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful Games Jul 23 '12, 8:54PM
  • Your Result: Bold Eagle

    Your Animal Spirit Is The Bold Eagle. According to your Animal Spirit, you retreat to gentler surroundings in times of stress. You are also quite sensitive to the feelings of others. You are a loyal friend. You may have big dreams but you have made no steps to reach them. Stupidity and way too much intelligence in others annoys you alot.

    I love eagles!! :D Description matches perfectly. 10/10

    Kirby Jul 6 '12, 4:38AM
  • o ok coll qween of the jungle!!!!!!!!!
    li on

    cheychey123 Feb 21 '12, 4:54PM
  • Man, or WOman, okay here's the deal. I am nothing like a "kangaroo". Not hating on your quiz, but that animal and the description described me 0 percent. Sorry.

    WolfAtHeart Feb 4 '12, 1:03AM
  • Eagle i love Eagle's :D

    dragonqueen Jan 31 '12, 2:33PM
  • Eagle! (If it says I got kangaroo its because my friend took it on my account and got kangaroo but I'M AN EAGLE!!!!)

    Gylfie Jan 28 '12, 2:12PM
  • Cool..Lion it is then. I like that quiz

    AllHailLelouch Jan 25 '12, 1:48PM

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