Can You Survive The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse?

I have heard rumours, that the world will end because of a Zombie Apocalypse, but im not so sure i believe in that. The stuff in this quiz is from a website i read. I managed to make it into a quiz, hope u like it This quiz was made for you to enjoy and know alittle about zombie survival, just incase if it were to happen which is highly unlikely.

So, without wasting much of your time, please take the quiz, and i hope you like it, i made it specialy for your enjoyment. Please comment and rate after you are done, i really appreciate it.

Created by: Kish

  1. Alright, I'm assuming that you are not facing a zombie outbreak right now, if you are, then please calmly scroll down and click submit, and don't be shocked of the result.
  2. Alright, first things first, to beat the enemy you must know the enemy, right? Exactly, there are 2 types of zombies, the fast ones and the slow ones. THE FAST ONES are definitely the most dangerous and you will need more than just a baseball bat and a pair of running sneakers to survive this zombie attack. THE SLOW ONES, hey, what can i say, i mean why the heck would anyone die from a slow zombie attack, seriously? Did you even know about the types of zombies?
  3. Alright, lets suppose that you have survived the first 15 minutes of the zombie apocalypse, and while most of the town is looking for live flesh to feast on, you are wondering how to hot-wire a car and fight your way out of town. You need a plan! (and this quiz is meant to help you with that)
  4. If you are religious, here is a phrase you could think of, "When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth" so this is bound to happen sooner or later. Now, whats the first thing to do when there is a zombie attack? Go to a gun shop? Wrong!
  5. Still wondering why you shouldn't go to a gunshop? On Z-Day (first day of zombie attack) you will not be the only survivor, and you will definitely not be the only one to think of going to the gunshop. So there will be hundreds of freaked out people and a few guns, oh dear. Thats one reason. I know you will be panicking on Z-Day, but just think, how long will the ammo you get last? A day, 2 days if you are lucky. Then what?
  6. What am i suggesting? Glad you asked. The best weapon is....wait for it... Swords! Yeah, swords, one slice and off comes their head. But you will be lucky to find one. Ok, then the local baseball bat! Yep, zombie heads are estimated to fall off quite easily because of rotting flesh so i'm pretty sure your bat will do, even your knife, but that is not recommended.
  7. But then even with weapons be it a gun or melee weapon, there are always problems. Will you be able to pull off that headshot when the heat is on? May be you are not the fighting type (im not!). Most of us haven't even held a gun let alone shoot a bullet. So what to do now? If you are a keen survivor and a true leader, plans should be flowing into your head right this moment.
  8. So this is what you do. You look for a place with good defence. Where to go? Walmart? School? The highway? Let me tell you this, and take note of it, never, and i mean never go to places that will obviously be crowded. So what to do, stay at home? No, scientists suspect that zombies may be able to use their brains so your loved ones will come for you at home, heck, you shouldnt even tell anyone about your zombie survival plans.
  9. So where would you go? I suggest a small groccery store, that way you have food and something to drink while you figure out what to do next. Or you could try and find a survivors camp, let them to the fighting and you just follow? Or may be just rely on the government to save you? What would you do?
  10. Ok, so lets take it that you have survived the Z-Day, but thats just 1 day. Heres a tip, if you want a good defensive building against zombies, dont go to buildings with alot of entrances, like walmart, just need one or two. Ok, now heres the next thing, and i doubt you have thought about this. There is a zombie outbreak, and people are running around with t-shirts and shorts, like hello, get something protective to wear!
  11. What is the protective clothing? Lets see now, for your head you could wear a helmet or something like that. Dont put a metal bucket on your head, thats just not normal. For your arms and legs you could wear the plenty layered clothes. If you could find a fireman clothes then you are quite safe. If you see a fireman running around, kill him and take his clothes, i mean, you want to survive dont you? Yeah, and i doubt you would survive running around in a mini skirt or tights.
  12. Well, thats it, the end of the quiz. Remember, to survive you need a sharp mind and good weapons and trust me, kicking zombie butt isnt going to be easy. This quiz was made for you to enjoy, hope it worked. Here is a last minute tip, NEVER rely on the government to save you on Z-Day, if they are not on a plane heading for another island then they are probably eating each others brains out. Lol, bye, and please, rate and comment?
  13. Oh ya, i almost forgot, one last last tip, dont sit around waiting for grandma to bite you to believe that the Z-Day has begun, the moment you hear about someone munching and crunching on his best friend then it is out of town for you! Unless you are the one who is munching and crunching or being munched and crunched...
  14. Oh, and this is indeed the last part, if you liked this quiz please look out for another similar quiz, but this time its called "Can You Survive 2012, The End Of The World". And it will be fun, Thanks.

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse?