Girls Only! What is your type of attractiveness?

So, you want to find out your type of attractiveness, huh? Well, lets get this clear: This quiz was meant for entertainment only, and accuracy of the quiz is not guaranteed, sorry for that!

I truly hope you get a satisfying answer, and also an accurate answer, sorry if your result isn't what you expect. I also hope that this quiz increases your self-esteem!

Created by: Kish

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  1. The 2 above questions don't count! Before we continue, you are a girl, aren't you?
  2. So, how old are you?
  3. How would you describe your body?
  4. What best describes the clothes you wear?
  5. Out of these, what has anyone called you, (or what do you know you are?)
  6. What best describes you?
  7. Smile! What colour are your teeth?
  8. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now?
  9. Your skin is?
  10. You won't get mad if the result isn't accurate, will you?
  11. Now for the actual questions... How old are you really?

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Quiz topic: Girls Only! What is my type of attractiveness?