Do Girls/guys Find You Attractive?

''Attractive'' is a great thing to be considered... If you want it! So, do people find YOU attractive? Do they like you, or do they just find you stuck up or mean?

Take this awesome test to find out! Remember that attractiveness isn't just about looks, it also about who you are as a person, and your personality. For example, if you are big-headed, that turns you ugly! Anyhow, take this test to find out if others find you attractive! Xox skittles xox.

Created by: Skittles
  1. Firstly, what's your style?
  2. In the corridors at school and round about, if you catch someone's eye, what do you do?
  3. How much make-up do you wear?
  4. Your clothes must be:
  5. How many proper boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
  6. How do you accessorize? (watch/rings don't count)
  7. What is your mood/feeling that you show to others most of the time out of these?
  8. Hey! ;D
  9. Just remember that I am only human, so the results may be slightly off, so don't have a go at me if it's really wrong... Ok?
  10. What is your high-school stereotype?
  11. How many times a week do you have a shower/bath?
  12. Do you drink lots of alcohol?
  13. Do you smoke?
  14. How do you wear your hair? (girls)
  15. How do you have your hair/ (guys)
  16. See ya!

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