How Sexy does your boyfriend think you are?

want to find out if your boyfriend is attracted to you? who doesn't? guys are like dogs, they need things, and if they're not attracted, they wont ever be! so take the quiz to find out how attractive you are to them!

are YOU a total babe? you sure? what do the guys think about you? take this quiz to find out how attractive the guys think you are! you never could be a total hottie!

Created by: Lily
  1. Do you ever wear sexy/slutty clothes around him?
  2. do you ever find yourself in ackward sitations?
  3. do you ever make flirty moves first? ex:grab his hand, kiss him, hug him
  4. does he ever compliment you?
  5. how often do you do sexual things?
  6. do you ever do things to get him aroused?
  7. do you hang out very much?
  8. what is ur idea of the best sex location?
  9. does he get you presents?
  10. is he your best friend?

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Quiz topic: How Sexy does my boyfriend think you are?