What type of men are you attracted to?

Everyone dreams about that PERFECT boy for you.... They're just too hard to find, but who knows if they're actually around you? Don't worry, we all daydream about boys, don't we?

Find which boy you are most attracted to in this quiz. You might even drool during this quiz.... Take it and find out who is the boy of your dreams!!!

Created by: Hipster 4eves

  1. The most important quality of your boy is
  2. You expect your first date with the boy in
  3. What present do you want from your boy?
  4. What do you do on your first date?
  5. If you and your boy went on a honeymoon, your ideal location would be
  6. What film would you watch if you watched it together?
  7. Your boy spots you hugging another boy affectionately. What does he do?
  8. You and him communicate by
  9. You are seen getting beaten by bullies. Your boy
  10. What do you want to talk about with your dream boy?
  11. How does your dream boy dress on your date?

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Quiz topic: What type of men am I attracted to?