What's Your Dream Guy?

This quiz is going to show you who your perfect guy is.

Are you attracted to the hunky type or the emotional one? Find out with this quiz.

Created by: Kaitlyn
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  1. You go to a party and there are a lot of people there. Which people do you feel your self moving towards.
  2. Your best friend tells you that a guy likes you and you ask her who. She shows you 7 different pictures and tells you to guess. Which one do you hope it will be??
  3. You're super bored one night so you decide to call one of your guy friends and see if he wants to go to a movie with you. Who do you call??
  4. You get on facebook and decide to check in on some of your friends profile but you have to leave in a couple of minuets so you only have time to look at one friends profile. Who do you chose?
  5. You notice that all of your guy friends changed there profile picture, who's do you look at first.
  6. Some people at school are talkin about you and you don't know what about you feel really alone and upset. Which one of your guy friends do you call to for help.
  7. Your grandma just passed away and you were very close to her. You have been at home for the past week. The phone rings. Who do you hope is on the other end of it.
  8. You've fallen asleep. Who do you most likely dream about?
  9. What's your favorite title for a movie.
  10. What are you normally doing on a Saturday?

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