Do You Like Fat Girls?

This is a quiz to determine whether or not you are attracted to women of a higher weight. Obviously. You probably just saw this quiz listed somewhere and decided to take it because, why not?

I do not guarantee that the results will be indicative of what you're actually attracted to. I just thought I'd try to see if I could make a quiz to entertain you all. Enjoy.

Created by: Jace

  1. Do you wish you could be as thin as the models in fashion magazines?
  2. When you see a heavier person in public, what do you think?
  3. Have you ever jiggled your own belly?
  4. If given the chance, would you add to your weight?
  5. Now for an obvious question: Do you like Fat Girls?
  6. Have you watched a video of someone stuffing or inflating?
  7. Have you ever put pillows in your shirt to look fat?
  8. Have you ever gone out in public like that?
  9. Do you, or have you ever, had dreams about getting fat?
  10. Are you turned on by bellies?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Fat Girls?