What is your image

Please remember that this quiz is purely for fun and was not intended to hurt you in anyway so please don't take it seriously. Just sit back relax and enjoy the quiz

I would like to say a huge thank you to the many people who decided they'd like to help create a quiz. It's really great that they decided to help since I have no idea about make up or fashion. So yeah once again thankyou

Created by: Tisjellypenguin

  1. In the bottom of your school bag what would you find?
  2. Your morning routine consists of...?
  3. Somebody has given you $100 for your birthday how are you going to spend if?
  4. What's on those lips of yours?
  5. What outfit makes you feel the most like you?
  6. How do you usually keep your hair?
  7. You'd like to be known as..?
  8. Your worst enemy would accuse you of being..?
  9. Your most worn pair of shoes is..?
  10. When you're getting dressed in the morning, his thought runs through your mind:

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Quiz topic: What is my image