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  • The lyric master
    [published: Nov 07, 2014, 2 comments]

    So you think you know a lot of songs? Well get ready for a brand new series of quizzes each one with new……

  • Do you really know me?.
    [published: Nov 07, 2014]

    [Spoken intro:] The future is bulletproof The aftermath is secondary It's time to do it now and do……

  • What is your image
    [published: Oct 11, 2014, 2 comments]

    Please remember that this quiz is purely for fun and was not intended to hurt you in anyway so please don't……

  • Are you like me?
    [published: Aug 09, 2014]

    This is purely for fun and if your really interested if you are like me but these are just fun and weird fact……

  • Would you rather
    [published: Aug 08, 2014, 7 comments]

    If you are bored and have nothing to do why not do something much more boring such as this quiz which is quite……

  • What type of penguin are you
    [published: Jul 06, 2014, 2 comments]

    This is a quiz to determine what food penguin you are but what is a food penguin well nobody knows……

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