What type of penguin are you

This is a quiz to determine what food penguin you are but what is a food penguin well nobody knows for sure but are you a good ,insane,nice or evil one PLEASE NOTE: this game is for pure fun so don't be offended by your result

Um why do I have to do a paragraph 2? LAME okay have fun and enjoy or don't have fun and hate your choice just do something and be happy and NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING TO HARM YOURSELF BECAUSE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOU OK?

Created by: Jellypenguin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's the first thing you think of whenyou find a dagger (imagine what you'd do)
  2. You see a hottie walking by you..
  3. Somebody you hates walks up so you...
  4. Your going to war what weapons do you pick
  5. What/who do you laugh at/with
  6. Have you been to a mental hospital
  7. What's most attractive about you?
  8. At a pool party you would
  9. Would you survive a zombie apoc?
  10. What would u say if I said HII!!
  11. I have your heart
  12. What's your favourite colour
  13. Finish the lyrics for me I saw you dancing in the rain and i
  14. It's a bird it's a plane wait no it's..
  15. How do you often feel
  16. Do you like sport
  17. Are you bored?
  18. I think I saw a ghost your reaction?
  19. Favourite show to watch
  20. How do you smell?
  21. Where would u go on a date or
  22. Would you date me?? Lol I'm not lookin for anybody don't worry
  23. Are you good at stalking
  24. I am a shoe
  25. Good bye

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Quiz topic: What type of penguin am I