Are you like me?

This is purely for fun and if your really interested if you are like me but these are just fun and weird fact type questions about me I hope you enjoy your day and remember..if you see a creepy dude dressed in a unicorn outfit offering magic..say yes because he's a unicorn (no don't actually)

I'm hoping to add a second one with more specific questions but I'll do that later never trust frogs with squeaky high-pitched voices they are dangerous dude also can you get me some ice cream..please :3

Created by: Tisjellypenguin

  1. Favourite colour?
  2. What colour hair do you have?
  3. What's your body build
  4. Favourite animal
  5. How do you act?
  6. What is your fear? (I won't uses fancy names for the phobias)
  7. Favourite ice cream flavour
  8. Destination/country you have always wanted to go to?
  9. Do you like naruto O.o
  10. Sweet or savoury
  11. Do you say the word yolo?
  12. Do you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself
  13. Do you enjoy drawing?
  14. Night owl or day person?
  15. Are you sporty
  16. Do you act more mature then most people your age?
  17. DC or MARVEL
  18. Favourite music genre?
  19. Tall short,kinda tall,kinda short,average

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?