Do You Have Desirable Traits?

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People over years have wondered, what makes a person desirable? According to several sources, desirable traits can include gorgeous eye colors, or certain skin tones, depending on your region.

The desirable traits expressed in this quiz are not based off my own opinions, but rather the opinions of many sources worldwide. Please don't take offense to this quiz, it's not a very desirable quality to be oversensitive.

Created by: ItalianKitten
  1. Would you consider yourself a mentally stable person?
  2. What color(s) are your eyes? (Including the different shades of the following colors)
  3. What color is your natural hair?
  4. Are you naturally underweight?
  5. Are you naturally overweight?
  6. Do others consider you a funny person, a person with a sense of humor?
  7. Do you have any disorders? If so, how many?
  8. Do you do well in school? If so, what are your average grades?
  9. Are you athletic?
  10. Are you instrumental? (Includes voice, as well as instruments.)

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Desirable Traits?