What's your strongest quality?

I know there are so many personality traits in the world. Lucky, Charismatic, Daredevil, Natural Cook and more. It's so confusing though to find out what sort of traits you have.

What I've done to make this quiz is take six possible personality traits! Find out which of them is your strongest! Are you friendly, protective, flirtatious, ambitious, neat or humorous? Find out now in just a few clicks!

Created by: Joshi001
  1. Somebody you think is good looking approaches you. What do you do?
  2. Which career would best suit you?
  3. What do you do normally for a past time?
  4. What do you stand for?
  5. Who do you fit in with?
  6. What do you hate?
  7. What do you like?
  8. How would you describe yourself?
  9. After this quiz, what will you do?
  10. What do you/did you tend to do best in school?

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Quiz topic: What's my strongest quality?