Which original "Weg" are you most like?

Originality is an important quality in a person. There is this one group of teenagers who contain just that quality. Although only two of the 8 teenagers are actually related, overall they make up one whole group, or one complete person. This group is referred to as "The Weg's" by their close friends.

Do you think you have the courage to enter the Weg household and take on the harsh reality of criticism? Many people run out crying, but in the end... you always come running back. Keep in mind: WEG = YOUR ANTI-DRUG.

Created by: britt

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  1. An IPOD? Who cares about an IPOD?! Would you sell an IPOD for something more beneficial, like weed?
  2. are you gay... on opposite day?
  3. When was the last time you showered?
  4. What sports do you enjoy?
  5. can you take a razz?
  6. are you a virgin?
  7. favorite animal?
  8. if you could take one thing with you on a deserted island, what/who would you take?
  9. do you think you changed much this past year?

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Quiz topic: Which original "Weg" am I most like?