How original is your music?

With the thousands of bands/artists in the world, its sometimes hard to know if you have that something different. Originality is a hard thing to accomplish. are you just rehashing tryed and trusted techniques or are you truly an innovator. An original artist is someone who blurs the boundaries of genres and leaves people in awe of their music.

Do you write Original music? Or are you just another band/artist pumping out generic soulless music? are you ready to find out the truth about your capabilities? take this quiz and discover how fresh your music really is.

Created by: Oesophagus of Oesophagus
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  1. When writing a song you say to yourself..
  2. Your band has a gig this weekend, you are playing...
  3. you are approached by a major label, do you...
  4. where do you find inspiration?
  5. your fans are mostly...
  6. your first gig was..
  7. when jamming at home do you...
  8. is your music easily related to a specific genre.
  9. how many genres of music do you incorporate into your songs.
  10. how many different genres of music do you listen to.
  11. what is more important.

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Quiz topic: How original is my music?