Which Musical Style Are You?

Nearly every culture on the planet Earth has some form of music. But can music describe a person? Sure you may say that you're a hip-hop or a rock person... But that's just the kind of music you listen to.

What type of music would describe YOU? This short but thought-provoking quiz will help you discover what kind of music tells YOUR story. So go ahead and take it, and discover the music in you.

Created by: Leon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You find $500 in a briefcase near your school/office. So you...
  2. Which of these describes your thoughts when you hear "Christmas"?
  3. What is your favorite reality TV show?
  4. What sort of pet do you own?
  5. Pick your favorite...
  6. Pick your favorite...
  7. Which of these countries would you like to visit of you don't live there?
  8. Pick your favorite band of these...
  9. Do you enjoy taking this quiz so far?
  10. Which of these musical styles do you think you belong in?

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Quiz topic: Which Musical Style am I?