What type of band would you belong to?

There are many types of Musical Genre. This tests four types to the closest type of Musical Personality you have. If you want to find out, Try it.The quiz is split up into asking different questions that is common beleif about each genre. to Determine the style of music that your band would play.

Is that the sound of Drums beats and bass guitars? or is that the sound of high hats and back beats? The sound of screaming or fast talking, oh the sounds of high pitched singing? This quiz will tell you what type of band you may be involved in, if you were in dream land. Take it to find out

Created by: The_one 1999

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what style of clothing do you wear?
  2. What type of car would you have?
  3. How would you conduct yourself at a concert?
  4. Does Queen Appeal to you?
  5. Do you prefer..
  6. Do you find Horror Films Funny?
  7. Favourite film out of this list?
  8. What Festival Appeals to you more?
  9. What is the colour that appeals to you most?
  10. Does D12 appeal to you?
  11. Aerosmith are the greatest. Do you agree?

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