What type of Band Player are you?

See how you may relate in the band world. Are you cool? Coolness sometimes is based on how far you would go. Are you uncool? Do you know how to have a good time?

The quiz is for laughs, so don't get upset (May contain language not suitable for children). It's made to waste time, so enjoy the 12 questions it is.

Created by: Austin
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  1. You're at a competition between bands, and you have free time to spare. You...
  2. Now you have a chance to go get some food. Some of your buddies want Chinese, and some want Mexican. You...
  3. You're in the middle of a show and you hear an awful mistake. You...
  4. You just got high when a buddy of yours reminds you of a show you have in 2 hours. You...
  5. You hate this band!
  6. You would classify your band as
  7. If you could go on tour anywhere, where would it be?
  8. Your band is now #2 in the world. What's the next step to take to get to #1?
  9. True or False. You would give out free concert tickets if it would keep the U.S. a superpower.
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Quiz topic: What type of Band Player am I?