What does your musical taste reflect about you?

Musical taste is a confusing subject. There are so many opinions - it's almost impossible to effectively categorize someone's taste neatly. Sometimes it's too much for one person to handle.

That being said, it IS possible to roughly group together people with similar taste. This is what this quiz attempts to do. In just a few minutes, you could finally know exactly where your musical taste stands!

Created by: Slowpoke
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of music would you like to be played at your funeral?
  2. If you were stranded on an island, what kind of music would you like to be stuck in your head for several years?
  3. Which genre name sounds the most interesting?
  4. What decade of music would you prefer?
  5. Pick an artist.
  6. Pick another artist. Choose wisely.
  7. Favorite type of ice cream?
  8. What word best describes you as a person?
  9. What is the color of your skin?
  10. What would you use to describe Radiohead?

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Quiz topic: What does my musical taste reflect about you?