Gary, Marsha, Rhonda?

Over the years, I've often used the terms Gary, Marsha, Rhonda, and Premier to classify humanity. Indeed, everyone on Earth fits into one of these groups.

Now, thanx to the amazing power of the internet, you can find out what term fits you best! And better yet, you can discover ways to alter and upgrade your status if it's less than desirable.

Created by: mr. mopkins

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  1. A choice of DVDs is offered for possible viewing. Which one do you choose?
  2. You are in the shower preparing to wash your dirty, dirty body. What is your cleansing agent of choice?
  3. You are starving! Not literally, you're just really hungry. Amazingly, a table of food appears before you. What do you dive at first?
  4. Let's talk deodorant. Which do you use?
  5. Now on to everybody's favorite topic- body hair. Do you-
  6. A night on the town is suggested. What would you consider a fun time?
  7. Let's talk ciggies. What's your pleasure?
  8. It's Election Day. You are-
  9. You feel a bit under the weather, and the stuff you are coughing up keeps getting more and more dense. You-
  10. You just won a $10 million jackpot! In what city would you purchase a home?
  11. After you buy your fancy new home, you need a car. What shall you buy?
  12. Shopping needs to be done! You make the trek to-
  13. At the end of a long day (and long quiz) you retire to bed. What are you wearing?

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