Take the *JANET TEST*

The one and only Janet Jackson. How well do you know this beauty from Gary, Indiana? Did you even know she was from Gary, Indiana? Or that she has been in the recording buiseness for over twenty years?

Well, there are many smart people in the world, but few true geniuses. You may be a genius, but are you a janet jackson genius? This test will determine your Janet IQ, revealing just how much you love Miss Janet. So what are you waiting for? Take the test and see, but also learn along the way, with many interesting facts and trivia inside.

Created by: karlee

  1. What was Janet's first single released?
  2. Who is the uncredited producer on Janet's hit single 'Got Till it's Gone'?
  3. Which is NOT a record company Janet has been signed to?
  4. Who has NOT been a Janet dancer?
  5. How many winners were chosen for the "Design Me" contest on yahoo, allowing Janet fans to create an album cover image for 20 Y.O.?
  6. Which number does 2007 Guinness Book of World Records rank Janet as the richest woman in the entertainment business?
  7. What year was Janet born?
  8. Which T.V Show has Janet NOT apperaed on?
  9. Which Jackson brother helped produce Janet's second album, 'Dream Street'?
  10. How many siblings does janet have?

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