R Janet Jackson's #1 Fan

Are you Janet's #1 fan? Well, this is the quiz to prove to Janet and to the world that you are Janet Jackson's #1 fan. This quiz is going to cover the early years of Janet to the most up to date days of Janet. So if you have been there through it all then you should have no problem passing with flying colors.

So you think your Janet's #1 Fan right? Well since your so sure of yourself and think your so tough let me ask you this: Do you really think you can handle all the mind twisting, first single album releases, tour and movie questions that we are going to be throwing at you? Well don't answer that just yet. Let Janet along with the rest of the internet be the judge of that. And just to let you know the score is actually 0-110 so if you make a 100-110 you just might get a surprise message. Well what are you waiting for? GET STARTED!

Created by: Jhanerio

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  1. When Janet Jackson was 16 years old, she released her debut album. Do you know which album this was?
  2. Which movie was Janet's first movie to ever star in?
  3. Which album was Janet Jackson's album 20 Y.0. based on?
  4. Which album released the single "All Night (Don't Stop)?
  5. Janet Jackson's single "I Get Lonely" came out in what year?
  6. True or False: "If" is the 6th track on the Janet. album?
  7. What was Janet's first single off the album "Control"
  8. While on "The Velvet Rope Tour", which song did Janet pole dance to?
  9. Which single was the first single to be released from the All For You album? Think carefully.
  10. "Discipline" is Janet's ____ studio album.
  11. The Rock Witchu Tour is Janet's ___ tour?
  12. True Or False: Rhythm Nation was originally Michael Jackson's song but he handed it over to his baby sister Janet.
  13. How many studio album's and how many tour's has Janet done so far?
  14. What was the last single from Janet's album Discipline?
  15. The Rock Witchu Tour came from which track off the Discipline album.

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