Are you the next Janet Jackson?

Do you think you could be the next Janet Jackson? We'll see about that! This quiz will tell you! It is designed to answer your deepest desire (if it is). Take it now!

Don't hesitate if you are wondering. Don't wonder if you are made to fit that title. This quiz will answer your question! It is simple, and it won't take that long!

Created by: Hillary Sanders

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you love singing?
  2. What's your race?
  3. Has someone ever removed a part of your clothing and a shocking body part was accidentally revealed?
  4. Did you once lose 60 pounds then gained them again?
  5. Do you have five brothers that formed a band when you were little?
  6. Did you want to become a jockey as a little kid?
  7. Have you ever been ranked the seventh richest woman by a popular magazine?
  8. Do you have a sibling who was a successful singer, but is now a lunatic?
  9. Were you once involved in a movie?
  10. Is your boyfriend a producer?

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Quiz topic: Am I the next Janet Jackson?