Which Jackson Guitar Are You?

What type of Jackson guitar are you? Find Out. There are four different Jackson guitars in this quiz. Jackson King V, Jackson Randy Rhodes, Jackson Kelly, and Jackson Dinky. Sorry I didn't include other guitars like the Jackson Warrior or the Jackson Soloist.

Do you have a Jackson guitar? Is it right for you? Find out. I have a Jackson Kelly. See if you really own up to the Jackson guitar you have or the Jackson guitar that you want to purchase.

Created by: Steven of myspace
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  1. Music Style
  2. Color
  3. Style
  4. Pick A Band
  5. Another Band
  6. Guitar Brand(other than jackson)
  7. Are You
  8. Do You Attend Concerts
  9. which do you prefer
  10. Do You Use Distortion Pedals

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Quiz topic: Which Jackson Guitar am I?