Would you rather

If you are bored and have nothing to do why not do something much more boring such as this quiz which is quite boring as well but at least it shall pass the time

So take this quiz and remember kakashi is the best,my battery is low,I dislike the word yolo,I'm tired,you're awesome and finally remember that the world has been taken over by vomiting unicorns

Created by: Jellypenguin

  1. Would you rather be able to hear somebody's thoughts Or Understand and talk to animals
  2. Would you rather Meet a human that is famous Or Meet a cartoon character
  3. Would you rather Never sleep again Or Never eat again
  4. Would you rather Eat a plate of fish eyes Or Drink a glass of mushed up worms
  5. Would you rather Know how you die Or Know when you die
  6. Would you rather Have your life made into a movie Or Write a book that turns into a book
  7. Would you rather Never be able to speak again Or Never be able to hear again
  8. Would you rather Take your date somewhere they'd never forget Or Take them somewhere romantic and classy
  9. Would you rather Become a singer Or Become a actor
  10. Would you rather Never love again Or Never be loved again
  11. Would you rather Be able to watch your own dreams anytime Or Freely walk into other peoples dreams
  12. I plan on adding more questions so put some in the comment section that you'd like to see inside this quiz and hopefully they shall be put in goodbye

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