What Victoria Secret Angel are you?

Victoria Secret Models are the women that are so beautiful and strong. Women that people look up and are roll models. They are the women that represent a huge part of the fashion world.

Are you curious to see which Victoria Secret Model resembles your looks and personality the most? Then take this quiz to find which of these beautiful women you are.

Created by: froggysparkle711
  1. Whats your best quality?
  2. If you went on a vacation to paradise you would be....
  3. What would you describe yourself as?
  4. What Disney Princess would you be?
  5. What's your favorite color?
  6. What Makeup Product is your Fav?
  7. What is your hair like?
  8. What kind of chocolate is your favorite...
  9. Who do you looks most like?
  10. If you could go on a vacation with your friends it would be to....
  11. What type of guy do you like?
  12. What do you like best?
  13. Whats your staple workout?

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Quiz topic: What Victoria Secret Angel am I?