Ultimate Tests 1: Are You a Real Vampire?

Vampires are possibly the most popular creatures out there. Some people can even be mistaken to be vampires. Are you really a vampire? Take this quiz to find out! In order to be called a vampire you must get at least 85% or more in this test. I based it on the true facts and features of vampires so lets find out what you are...

Remember, vampires are not the only awesome creatures out there, I am already working on the next test, Are you a real werewolf? You could be one, you never know until you take the test. All tests shall be based on pure facts and features of the creatures. So look out for that test. Enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Kish
  1. Welcome to the first test made out of pure facts to determine whether you are a Vampire. Get a low score on this one? No problem, just look out for my next test, "Are You A Real Werewolf" or the test after that "Are You A Real Angel" and many more to come so I really hope you enjoy the tests. Enough talks on with the quiz...
  2. Have you ever been told by professionals that you're lucky you survived an accident with only a few scratches or cuts?
  3. Do you believe in magick? (not stage magic illusions but the real deal like Criss Angel Mindfreak)
  4. As a kid, were you the strongest, smartest, or quickest kid in the class?
  5. Do people often tell you that you look very young for your age, or that they would have never guessed how old you are?
  6. Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired?
  7. When you hurt yourself do you feel like your wounds heal slightly faster than an average person?
  8. Do you rarely get sick, or when you get sick does your body recover quicker than most people? (common example... Flu)
  9. Do you have extremely good vision in the dark? How many times has some one said it's too dark they can't see while you actually can see pretty well?
  10. Do you tend to NOT be surprised or scared by the typical sudden loud noise in a movie or things like that because you sensed it coming?
  11. Do you tend to react to things like catching a falling object or other normally unexpected things at an almost psychic speed? (As if you were expecting it to happen)?
  12. Are you sensitive to light or the heat from it? (Ranging from getting a bad headache from the glare to burning very easily.)
  13. Is there a dark colored ring around the iris (color part) of your eyes? All real vampires have this, however not everyone that has it is a real vampire.
  14. Does sunlight/bright light in general hurt your eyes and head, in most cases to the point of a migraine? (But you can still go out in it)
  15. Do electrical appliances generally tend to hate you? (Watches mess up often, computers malfunction for no reason, etc)
  16. Do you feel deja vu quite often?

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Quiz topic: Ultimate Tests 1: am I a Real Vampire?