How vampire are you

I believe in vampires. If you do take this quiz and find out your inner vampire. You can be more of a vampire if you chose to. Visit some websites on how to.

After you take this quiz you can see how vampire you are. You can believe in anything you want to. Vampires for me. Everything is up to you. You can believe in werewolves, zombies, or demons.

Created by: Hailey Manues

  1. Do you show up in mirrors or pictures
  2. Do you have cravings for blood
  3. Are you weak around garlic
  4. Are you ever hot, cold, or tired
  5. Do you wear glasses
  6. How social are you
  7. Are you really quick
  8. Are you well behaved
  9. Do you get active at night
  10. Do you get head or teeth aces

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Quiz topic: How vampire am I